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ContentPair is a new kind of content platform: we match our customers with vetted subject matter experts and help them create high-quality marketing content.

How It Works

ContentPair is unlike any other content platform. Our hands-on approach creates seamless matching with subject matter experts. Our editorial team ensures well-written content, every time. Our account managers take all the heavy lifting off your plate. It’s the service your marketing team has been looking for.

The experts we pair with brands have deep expertise
in a wide range of industries.

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  1. Post Your Content Request

    Businesses post their content request, explaining the topic and type of content they need.

  2. Pair With an Expert

    ContentPair hand-selects and presents the business with the top 3 industry experts for them to choose from.

  3. Collaborate & Revise

    ContentPair supports both the business and expert throughout the content creation process.

  4. Publish & Promote

    The expert delivers finalized content, which can then be promoted on the business’ blog, emails, newsletters, social media and any other marketing channel.

The Value of Content Partnerships

Learn how to evaluate content partnerships, organize them, and avoid the most common pitfalls that companies and individuals face.

Streamline Your Workflow

Whether you’re building a welcome mat for your SaaS or a clean, corporate portfolio, Stack has your design needs covered.

More Bandwidth

Our editorial team makes it simple to create compelling content for your business.

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Expand Your Reach

The brands that you partner with will promote your content to their audience – extending your reach.

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Improve Your Brand

Publishing content from subject matter experts who work for recognizable brands is a third-party stamp of approval

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Exclusive Editorial Services

ContentPair provides free editorial services to every approved expert. This means we’ll do all the heavy lifting.

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“The careful curation of subject matter experts from ContentPair has saved me hours of vetting and has given us a leg up in gaining traction faster.”

Kate Keough

COO, Pepperlane