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How It Works For Brands

ContentPair is unlike any other content agency you’ve seen. Our hands-on approach makes creating content extremely simple.  We take the guesswork out of working with subject matter experts and guarantee that the content is well-written and credible.

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  1. Post Your Content Request

    Businesses post their content request, explaining the topic and type of content they need.

  2. Pair With an Expert

    ContentPair hand-selects and presents the business with the top 3 industry experts for them to choose from.

  3. Collaborate & Revise

    ContentPair supports both the business and expert throughout the content creation process.

  4. Publish & Promote

    The expert delivers finalized content, which can be promoted on the business’ blog, emails, newsletters, social media, or any other marketing channel.

How Compelling is Your Content?

At the end of the day, the content on your website needs to be impactful enough to drive the conversions you want. Our team can put together a FREE Content Report Card and show you how your content stacks up against the best.

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Why ContentPair For Brands?

We know that it’s hard to build trust between you and a content marketing agency. That is why our hands-on approach during every step of the content generation process helps build confidence that each piece of content will be impactful for your business.

Partner with Vetted Subject Matter Experts

We only accept subject matter experts who pass our hand-selection assessment.

Build brand with thought leadership

Publishing content from subject matter experts from recognizable brands is a third-party stamp of approval.

Add content marketing bandwidth

Our editorial team makes it simple to create compelling content for your business.

Quickly fill your team’s knowledge gaps

The experts we pair brands with have deep expertise for a wide range of industries.

Curious if we have experts in a specific industry? Send us a note and we’ll let you know.

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“The careful curation of subject matter experts from ContentPair has saved me hours of vetting and has given us a leg up in gaining traction faster.”

Kate Keough

COO, Pepperlane