To all the marketers out there, this story is for you.

If you’ve ever struggled to build your content marketing strategy or wanted to get published yourself to improve YOUR brand, then you get it. It’s hard.

The fastest way to accelerate the value of your content while improving your brand is to engage in content partnerships.

What is a content partnership?

A content partnership is when two people come together to jointly produce content, where ideally, one person has strengths that complement the other’s weaknesses. For example, one person may have more knowledge about a subject than the other, and the other person may have the reach and ability to amplify a message more than the other, making the partnership…shall we say, perfect 🙂

How Content Partnerships Improve Content Generation

I’ve experienced the value of content partnerships from a business’s perspective first-hand. Quite frankly, I was amazed at the success. I really didn’t think they would work in the beginning but as we began to gain more traction it quickly turned into something big.

I was a content marketing team of one and my mission was to not only produce excellent content but to also produce a lot of it. At the time I worked at a company that played in the professional service space. I didn’t know a lot about big consulting, supply chain management, corporate management, global marketing strategies or whatnot, so I was somewhat at a loss. Don’t get me wrong, I could write the content myself, but it would take too long to research, write, and market it, simply because I didn’t have the domain knowledge. So, instead of going through that trouble (no one would want that), I turned to content partnerships.

I had the brand and promotional power to make a partnership enticing. So I reached out to subject matter experts and proposed a partnership where in exchange for their content I would market them and put our brand name behind their message.

As more people wanted to write for my company’s brand, we quickly built a list of 70 experts who would submit one blog article a month to our publication. We had enough content to publish two blog posts a day.

  • You would think that the cost of 70 experts and two blog posts a day would be astronomical. It wasn’t.
  • You would think that managing 70 people would be a full-time job. It wasn’t.
  • You would think this is not a repeatable process. It actually was.

This entire content strategy was built on zero spend, was simple to manage with a communal google doc, and was easily repeatable no matter the industry.

We were able to improve our content creation and brand while helping experts solidify themselves as subject matter experts online.  Now you can too.

Content Partnerships Improve your Domain Authority

Over the years, I’ve realized one thing…


You can have all the knowledge in the world, but if you can’t successfully get it out of your head from point A to point B then there is no point in having that knowledge.


Knowledge is only valuable if it can be shared. But in the noisy space of online content, if you share knowledge on your own blog, or on social media than odds are that it won’t get very far.

Partnering with a brand who has a larger reach than you will help amplify your message quickly. Then, as you get published on more business blogs, you begin to build your domain authority.

Think about it this way. When someone Googles you, what appears? What do you want to appear? For me, I want to be known for two things:

(1) a creative marketer

(2) an ultra marathoner.

So my goal is to be published on various websites that are known for that.

Getting published by these sites is a valuable “stamp of approval” in consumer’s eyes. Others see these publications and think, “Wow, this Todd guy is getting published on credible sites that are marketing focused and attract marketing people…He must know what he’s talking about.”  

Extend the value of your dollar

In the past, I’ve been charged $300 to $500 per blog post when wanting to hire a content marketing agency.  

Let that sink in…

While that price point is standard for a good blog post, many people that may see that as ludacris! I’m actually still on that side of the fence because if that’s true, I could have made $500 for writing this article!

I was once quoted at $21,000 a month for a content marketing agency. I’m not kidding. My jaw almost hit the floor.  Content agencies are expensive and typically you just get a recent college graduate who is a good writer. I didn’t want that. I wanted an expert. I want someone who can go further than the first layer of knowledge and provide meaningful insights about a topic that only a seasoned expert would know.

This is why ContentPair is different.

For an affordable monthly subscription, you’ll get access to an entire audience of expert Experts who would like to write content for your brand in exchange for promotion. They’re qualified professionals who want to build their brand and be known online as an expert.

Our mission at ContentPair is to make every business a content-first business. We strive to connect knowledgeable people with recognizable brands who can help get their knowledge out to the right people and help it get from point A to point B