This is a story for any company that creates content – so pretty much everyone.

If you’re on a marketing team then you get it – producing compelling content that stands out is tough.

Perfect content requires that someone on your team has deep domain knowledge about a topic, knows how to conduct excellent research, is a flawless writer, can package it into an appealing design, and knows how to serve it online to the right audience at the right price. Being a great content marketer requires more than just being a good writer in today’s digital age. Expecting your marketing team to have all these skills, is a, let’s face it, utopic scenario.

We’ve heard this story before:

  1. A marketing team gets together to discuss their next piece of content.
  2. They brainstorm the angle and assign the right team member to write it.
  3. The team member, that doesn’t know much about the topic researches it online (which takes a few days).
  4. The team member finishes the article.
  5. After a few rounds of edits, they publish the article on their blog and promote it online.

Does this content production sound familiar? Is it something that you or your team does? While it’s not inherently wrong, it’s not efficient. This is how a newspaper reporter should work, not how a marketing team that needs to be fast and nimble. 

What Sparked The Idea of ContentPair

Last year, my boss came up to me and said,

“Todd, we need more content. We need more white papers, more blog articles, more webinars, more ebooks….we just need more.”

I fully agreed – we did need more.  The content was performing well. It was liked by our audience. It was pulling in perfect leads. It was great. However, I faced one major roadblock. I was a marketing team of one. I was researching, writing, designing, promoting, and measuring the entire lifecycle of the content by myself. In addition to the various product marketing, digital marketing, and sales enablement tasks I had on my plate. I didn’t have the resources of a large team to focus on one specific article, spend a week writing and designing it, and I didn’t have the deep domain knowledge to rapidly produce articles one after another with ease.

Side note: I have to imagine there are plenty of other marketing teams that face this same dilemma.

However, I did have something others didn’t. I could write an article quickly (if the right person supplied me with the knowledge). I did have the brand following and readership online. I did have enterprises in my network who were reading my content.

Then, it dawned on me.

I had exactly what every person who is trying to build their brand name wants – promotion to a new audience, a credible site (making a backlink from me valuable), and the ability to publish and promote content with ease.

I just had to find the right person to partner with.

In my previous jobs, I leveraged content partnerships…a lot. They were incredibly helpful.  They were a foolproof way to build our businesses’ brand and help supercharge our content output and quality. Most every content partnership between a business and Expert will be a win-win. Here’s why:

Why we started contentpair

Content partnerships benefit the business because it provides two things  – bandwidth and knowledge.

Content partnerships benefit the Expert because they’re looking to position themselves as an industry expert but need the promotion.

The issue is that it takes time to find the right business and Expert who is willing to produce content together. There has never been a Rolodex of businesses and Experts who “raised their hands” expressing that they’re willing to accept and provide content in exchange for promotion. 

This is why we built ContentPair.

ContentPair connects the right people to the right projects, making content partnerships more valuable and easier to set up. No need to send aimless emails to business or Experts without knowing if they’ll reciprocate your interest. With ContentPair, businesses can access qualified Experts who will provide knowledgeable, value content, in exchange for publication and promotion. When Experts pair with businesses, they’ll receive better promotion and reach to new audiences than what they could have reached on their own.  

Want to improve your brand name online and get published by large brands? Sign up as an expert.

Want to boost your content production and access a network of qualified Experts? Sign up as a brand.

I’m proud to bring ContentPair to the market. I know how difficult it can be to build your own brand name online, and I know how draining it can be to continually produce credible content without having the bandwidth or knowledge. I know how time-consuming and labor-intensive it is to find the right business who is willing to publish and promote your content. AND! I know the value of content partnerships and how they can alleviate the all these pain points. Marketing teams just got supercharged with ContentPair, and I’m proud to work hand in hand with our incredible network of brands and Experts to finally make producing content easy.